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Building a Babel 7 Processor

Cassidy Willams (@cassidoo)

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A Postmortem on the Ingen Incident

Haley Denbraver (@hayleydenb)

How To Have An Amicable Breakup with a JavaScript Library

Daria Caraway (@darcar31)

Codemods: Refactoring JavaScript using JavaScript

Saimon Sharif (@saimonsharif)

The Future Of Web Animation

Sarah Drasner (@sarah_edo)

Pika: Reimagining the Registry

Fred K. Schott (@fredkschott)

The Art Of Teaching

Lori Culberson (@irongirltx)

Data Science in the Browser: DX & UX

Jana Beck (@iPancreas)

A Partial Taxonomy of Test Unreliability

Rich Trott (@Trott)

A Tale of Two Architectures

Tejas Kumar (@TejasKumar_)